Fax/Scan/Print/Copy Services


The Beacon Falls Public Library has a multifunction printer in the adult nonfiction room where patrons use the laptops. A fax machine is available in the children’s room.

Faxing: Legal documents often need to be faxed. The fee for faxing is $1 per sheet with no charge for a cover sheet. The fee for receiving a fax is 15 cents per page or a quarter for 2 pages. Please ask a librarian for assistance.

Scanning to email: The multifunction printer has scan-to-email capabilities. The librarians can scan your items to create either pdf or jpg (picture) files and email them to their intended recipient.

Printing: Patrons may wirelessly print from the laptops to this device. Once printing is finished, they let the librarians know how many pages were printed and pay the associated fee (a quarter for 2 pages or 15 cents for a single sheet).

Copying: Patrons who need copies made are asked to seek a librarian’s assistance. The above fee printing fee applies.