Funding Factory Results for Friends of Beacon Falls Library     USED CARTRIDGES ACCEPTED

    The Friends are sponsoring a recycling drive of empty or non-usable inkjet printer and toner cartridges. Bring them to the library in carefully sealed Ziploc bags and the Friends will redeem the cartridges for cash to help the library. Support the Friends, Help the environment!  Please click here to see which cartridges are accepted by our company.

We have ALREADY cashed in over $600 to be used toward computer-related equipment at the library and are looking to earn more. We HAVE recently purchased an LCD projector and SCREEN for the library using these and other funds.


Good Search

Use GoodSearch as your search engine and as a portal through which you do your online shopping and the Friends of Beacon Falls Library get a donation. Each search you do earns us one cent - those pennies DO add up! Every item you purchase through the site earns us 1% - 5% of your total. Since we began participating in the program, we've earned approxiimately $150. While that doesn't seem much, every little bit helps our library!